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Handmade Jewellery created with you in mind

Founded in 2022 by Sonia a lawyer by day with a passion for jewellery design. I loved jewellery growing up it was precious to me and working in the corporate world in the city of London I found that I spent so much money on high street and high end expensive jewellery that was poor quality and would just break and lose colour, which would mean I would be wasting so much money with bits of jewellery that would just sit there.


Desire for uniqueness

I found that there wasn't anything unique in design that was easily available to people. I would always find a colleague in my office wearing the same thing which means it was not unusual in design, making me feel I brought something not so special that stands out- you would have to go bespoke if you wanted to wear something different which would be very expensive for people.

How can I empower people from all backgrounds to feel confident through quality, unique fashion?

Asset 9_300x-8.png

Boutique by Sonia

Then came Boutique by Sonia, a unique Boutique jewellery experience was created. When you hear the word boutique you think unique, luxury, high quality but the main thought in ones mind is expensive. We give you everything minusing this last fact, our jewellery is affordable and don’t cost a fortune setting us apart. We have unique designs that are exclusive to us and you will not find them with other brands, a boutique which offers a difference with what you buy from us. There is a luxury finish to all our jewellery and its handmade using high quality materials that are durable and long lasting. We have no mass productions for quality control its all small collections. We offer a total different boutique jewellery experience so you can enjoy different jewellery and not similar designs that others wear so you stand out from the crowd all without high price points so you can wear jewellery  with lots of choices while looking apart just like our brand and designs. 

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